How to add subtitles to a bluray movie

Update September 2017:

Method below is out dated, better to follow:

How to add subtitles to a bluray movie using MPC-HC


Update for Windows 10 users!:

There is an issue with Windows 10 and Arcsoft TMT driver that will make your PC crash with “critical_structure_corruption” blue screen. more info here:

In this tutorial i will show you how to add external subtitles (idx, smi, sub, srt, psb, ssa, ass, usf, ssf) to a bluray movie.

Update September 2015:

the tutorial below is relevant only to Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1. when using the tutorial below on windows 10 and starting the program, the PC crashes (at least for me). if you encounter this issue, install only version of arcsoft TMT.

Things you will need:

  • A program to open Bluray movie files: ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre. at the time i wrote this tutorial i was using version


  1. Use only this exact TotalMedia Theatre version, other versions have bugs
  2. If you get “Cannot connect to server” message when installing TotalMedia Theatre reply here and i will add a workaround
  • The attached plugin files you can download from here to your PC
  • Windows 7 or Windows 8 / 8.1 Operating system

How to configure:

  • Install ArcSoft TotalMedia Theatre on your PC
  • Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcSoft\TotalMedia Theatre 6\Codec
  • Backup file named “”, save a copy on your desktop or rename it to “VideoRenderForEvr.ax_orig”
  • Copy the 2 files inside the .zip file you downloaded to C:\Program Files (x86)\ArcSoft\TotalMedia Theatre 6\Codec, overwrite the file “”
  • Open TotalMedia Theatre, browse to a Bluray folder and load it
  • Once the Bluray movie is loaded a small icon will appear in your quick launch bar


Right click on this icon to open options

Right click options

Right click options

Load Sub – Browse to your desired subtitles

Font Style – Font color, size etc.

Show/Hide Sub – Show or hide the loaded subtitles

About – Credit to developer and keyboard shortcuts to few commands

To load your external subtitles, click the “Load Sub” option and browse to your desired subtitles. subtitles will be displayed with the Bluray movie.

please note that this is “On the fly” subtitles loading, this is not permanent .


I’m not the programmer of this applications. all credit goes to the programmer who’s name written in “About” window.

Also, ive written this guide according to an Hebrew Home theater forum

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13 comments on “How to add subtitles to a bluray movie
  1. Anonymous says:

    Works great.Thank you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    thank you for the tip. works great

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work, the program everytime stopped working 😦

  4. Joe says:

    Subtitle loads without any problem, but the TotalMedia Theatre 6 title & control (top & bottom) bars do not disappear while in full-screen. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      Are you using TMT version 6? if yes, move your mouse up and down couple of time until the bars disappear. by the way, in TMT, did you do Right click > Full Screen?

      • Joe says:

        Thank you for your quick reply, very much appreciated!

        I tried moving the mouse up and down several times, also right-click > Full screen, but the TMT top & bottom bars would still be visible. They would not disappear at all throughout he entire film.

        If I change back to use the original “” file, the bars will go away automatically after some seconds, but then this external SRT reader programme will not load/ work. What a pity. Such a nice little programme. Any more ideas?

        My TMT version is 6.7.199, playing a BD disc on Windows 7 Professional (English).

      • Adi Sharaby says:

        Hi. you should install the exact version i wrote in the tutorial. i had the exact issue when i upgraded TMT to a newer version, the bars would not disappear. instal TMT version and problem is solved πŸ™‚

      • Joe says:

        Yes, thank you, Adi. It really solves that problem to downgrade to TMT v. !!

  5. Andri Sugara says:

    Hi, Thank for info, it’s work for me πŸ™‚

  6. jaco77 says:

    Thanks Adi Sharaby . Works with v6.7.1.199 with TXT subtitles :-). Good job.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sir, I just encountered the problem you’ve mentioned in the text, “Cannot connect to server.” Could you please tell me how to solve this? Thank you!

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      im sorry but im not using TMT anymore since i moved to Windows10. so i dont remember what was the fix.
      you can install MPC-HC or Kodi, they will also play BD movies with subtitles.

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