How to solve 23.976 FPS video jitter using XBMC / Kodi

Update September 2017:

If you don’t need Kodi you can use MPC-HC and madVR to watch movies without jitter.


In this tutorial i will show you how to play movies filmed in 23.976 FPS (Frame Per Second) flawlessly, without stutter and jitter.

The problem: When you play on your TV a movie file that was shot with 23,976 FPS you will see from time to time, especially when the camera is panning from side to side, a small “stutter” in the video, the image is not moving in a fluent way, it looks jerky.

Why does it happen: In a nutshell, this happens because films are usually filmed in cameras that record 23.976 frames per second. your TV probably support a refresh rate of 24 HZ, the refresh rate and frame rate should be equal, if they are not, this will cause a stutter in the video output.

Solving the problem:

  • Install XBMC / Kodi
  • Connect your PC to your TV using an HDMI cable
  • In your Graphic card driver change the refresh rate to 23 HZ or 24 HZ

Note: 23 or 24 HZ will be available only if your TV support it, most modern TV’s do

  • Since XBMC / Kodi version 13 you need to set “Settings level” to Expert in order to see all options
  • Go to Settings > Video > Playback
  • Choose Adjust display refresh rate to match video = Always
  • Choose Sync playback to display
  • in A/V sync method choose Video clock (resample audio). Not available in Kodi 15.x

How to test problem is solved:

  • Using XBMC / Kodi play any 23.976 content
  • Click the letter ‘o’ in your keyboard (not zero). this will show you video statistics. you will need to focus on 3 properties mainly
xbmc statistics

xbmc statistics

fr:23.976 –  this means that the file is filmed using 23.976 frames per second refresh:60 –  means that your TV screen refresh rate is 60, this is on my laptop so it shows 60. when you change the refresh rate in your GPU driver to 24 it should show 24 error: 33% –  this is where to check if there is jitter or dropped frames if everything is working OK you should see error=0%. watch the statistics for about 1 minute, if it stays on zero for a minute, problem solved. if the error value jumps from 0% to a different value during this minute, this means there are dropped frames and something is wrong.

Troubleshooting: There are movie files that are encoded in Variable frame rate and not Constant frame rate. XBMC / Kodi does not know how to handle this. this means that if the movie is in Variable frame rate, the fix above will not help. there is a defect in XBMC / Kodi site here. i do not know when this issue will be fixed.

Variable Frame Rate

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25 comments on “How to solve 23.976 FPS video jitter using XBMC / Kodi
  1. Ken Burn says:

    Followed your instructions but still jitter. When i play the same file on my WD TV Live Hub i see smooth playback. For xbmc i use a 6 Year old HP PC with Vista. IT has a Nvidia GeForce 8400 gc videocard. Perhaps i can experiment with hardware/software acceleration in xbmc settings? Or is my PC too old for this?

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      Few things you need to check:
      1. Did you click the letter ‘o’ on your keyboard and saw you have dropped frames like in the instructions?
      2. In your old HP PC while playing content with XBMC open your “Task Manager” and verify your CPU is not on 100%. if it is, your CPU is not capable.
      3. Try to use HW acceleration and see if issues resolved. HW acceleration will make the GPU handle the processing instead of the CPU.

    • Craig Rooney says:

      this may sound daft . mine started stuttering too, and I download media player classic used it as my default media player and it stopped the stuttering . don’t no why .

      • Adi Sharaby says:

        Well, if it’s working without stutter there’s no need to fix it 🙂
        anyway. you can always follow my instructions in one of my comments using CTRL + J to see if MPC-HC has stutter.

  2. Kiran says:

    In my settings in XBMC, I don’t see the additional options that is displayed in the screenshot. Are they only available when connected to a TV?

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      Try moving your settings level to “Expert”, you have that option in XBMC settings, see if after that you get more options.

      • Kiran says:

        Thanks, I will check if your method works when I connect to my TV

      • Adi Sharaby says:

        Today i checked and indeed the user needs to set “Setting level=Expert” since XBMC version 13 in order to see these options, i updated my page accordingly.
        by the way, you don’t need to connect your PC to your TV in order to see these options.
        thanks for bringing to my attention.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This doesn’t seem to fix my stutter/jitter. I tried everything already, change refresh rate, use VLC, Media Player Classic, XBMC… and never had a flawless reproduction.
    Funny thing, on my monitor I always have flawless reproduction, no matter what program I use…

    Btw, I can’t see the menu S when I press the “o” on my keyboeard. Anyway, I guess seeing it wouldn’t help so much..

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      Well, i also tried the players you mentioned above. none of them worked, except XBMC. on your monitor the issue still exist, its just harder to notice it.
      Which XBMC version are you using? maybe try to uninstall XBMC and install the latest version. after you’ll see the video statistics we can pinpoint your problem.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, my friends tell my than I am crazy because I am the only one capable of seeing the slightest stutter/judder/tearing/whatever and I can assure you that the issue doesn’t exist in my monitor no matter what player I use. It’s like the cpu does the right thing and interpolate the frames without skipping any single one and without creating that horrible stutter.

        I tried with the latest version of XBMC and same issue persists. And as I said, I can’t see the menu S when I press “o”.

      • Adi Sharaby says:

        Well, i disagree. there is stutter on your laptop, its just not noticeable like on a big screen TV. there are ways to see if there are dropped frames, you can use XBMC statistics (which doesn’t work for you) or you can use also MPC-HC statistics. when playing a movie, press CTRL + J and you will get the video statistics. the 2 lines (green & red) should be straight, without peaks. peaks in the lines means there are dropped frames.
        by the way, when you say you “Cant see the menu S”, what do you mean? there is no menu S, you should see statistics like in the image attached to the post.

        here is MPC-HC statistics:
        MPC-HC statistics

  4. Nick says:

    Many thanks for posting this information! My new TV was showing stuttering on my videos and I was sure it was to do with Samsung’s blur reduction or judder reduction but after playing with the settings for ages I started getting lost! I was confused why it only did it on my XBMC machine and not the Freeview channels! Now I know! Thanks, Nick

  5. Kris says:

    Just wanted to say a big thank you for posting this up!

    Was pulling my hair out, changed graphics cards, cpu and re-formatted. Once all that didn’t resolve my issue I finally used the right keywords to get me here. Resolved my issue and restored my faith in XBMC.

    Just a note from my experience: I didn’t have to force the GPU/Monitor output to 24hz, the configuration in XBMC was enough to make this automatically happen. Settings the GPU to 24hz brings a unpleasant experience when using the desktop etc.

    Thanks again.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Same as Kris, worked for me. I also found just dropping the refresh rate to 50hz instead of 60hz, did the trick too, but after reboot it was defaulting back to 60hz, your solution solved that problem. Strange this has never been an issue until I upgraded to Kodi Helix.

  7. Matt says:

    Thank you very much sir! This has been some year long troube for me and now all of a sudden it’s finally gone.

    You are a true hero 😉

  8. Gmjh says:

    The kodi isengard doesn’t have “error” listed when pressing o on the keyboard It had most of the other info on your screenshot.. Do you know how I can check for this on isengard? Thanks very much.

  9. Adi Sharaby says:

    Im using the PC version, if you are using Android than maybe it is missing.

  10. emma says:

    this video helped me change some settings in kodi and it solver my HD stutter problem hope it helps you…….

  11. Damian says:

    Im using Kodi 16 and trying to sort out an Audio stutter or milisecond drop every few minutes. I believe the “A/V sync method” could help but I don’t see that option. I see that you mention in the post “A/V sync method choose Video clock (resample audio). Not available in Kodi 15.x” So have they removed this setting? What if you need to use it? Thanks

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