How to install WebSphere 7 ND on Linux Red-Hat

In this tutorial i will show you how to install WAS (WebSphere application server) on Linux Red Hat machine. on the net there are many tutorials, this one is basic and contains only the minimum steps for a successful installation.


  1. You will need 3 machines, can be either physical machines or VM’s running Linux Red-Hat
  2. WebSphere 7 installation files. copy the files to all 3 machines

Some explanations:

One machine will be used as DM (Deployment Manager). DM is actually the UI or the management console of WAS, from DM UI you will control all aspects of the nodes in the cluster, for example, start and stop servers VIA UI, manage nodes, create DB connections, deploy more nodes in the cluster etc.

So, you now have 3 machines, machines A, B & C. First you install the DM machine on machine A, next, install nodes B & C, during installation of nodes you will need to tell the node where is the DM located (machine HOSTNMAE) so the DM will know how many nodes it’s got.

First step – Install the DM:

Go to the DM machine and start the file

Click the marked link to start the installation wizard

Start installation wizard

Click Next

Installation wizard welcome screen

Accept the terms

WAS installation wizard IBM accept terms

Don’t choose these 3 options unless you need it

WAS installation wizard optional features

You can keep the default installation directory

WAS installation wizard installation directory

Choose “Management” to install on this machine only the DM (Deployment Manager). “Cell” is when you want to install a node and DM together on the same machine

Installation wizard server environment

When used for testing purposes only, no need to enable security. this will be used for log in credentials to the DM UI

WAS installation wizard enable administrative security

Installation repository, no need to select

WAS installation wizard repository

Summary screen

WAS installation wizard summary page

Click on “installation Verification”

WAS installation wizard installation verification page

Start the DM using command:



To stop the DM when needed use command:


Log in using empty user and password to URL: <DM HOSTNAME>:9060/ibm/console

WAS installation wizard console

Second step – Install Update installer (Optional)


to install Update installer you will need the supplements zip file

Installation welcome screen, click Next

WAS update installer installation wizard welcome screen

After installation click Finish

WAS update installer installation wizard finish screen

Third step – Install Node: run this procedure on any machine that you want to act as a node in the cluster

Note: please read the “Troubleshooting” section below regarding installation failure before this step.

Select “custom” option

WAS Node installation server environment

Don’t choose these 3 options unless you need it

WAS installation wizard optional features

You need to specify the HOSTNAME of the machine where DM is installed on. leave the default port and since we didn’t enable security, no need for User / Password

WAS Node installation DM integration

Node installation summary page

WAS Node installation Summay page

Start the Node using command:


To stop the Node when needed use command:



I encountered an issue deploying WAS on a VM so please follow the fix below if needed.

After creating a VM for WAS go to /etc/hosts file and be sure to remove the and replace it with localhost. This is important, if you don’t do this, you won’t be able to install a node, installation will fail.

this happens because when installing a node, you need to specify where is the DM located, on which HOST. the node then send a request to the DM for verification, the request contains the node’s address, which is now the DM needs to reply to the node but he cant establish a connection to, this will make the node installation fail. changing the entry in the HOSTS file to localhost seem to resolve it.

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4 comments on “How to install WebSphere 7 ND on Linux Red-Hat
  1. martin dix says:

    during hte install on ND we keep getting the location to install media error. Teh installer and media are all in exploded files in hte same location as the installer. Any ideas? running as Root.

    • Adi Sharaby says:

      can you be more specific? in which stage exactly you get the error? what is the exact error message? to which path do you try to install? is there enough storage space on disk?

  2. martin dix says:

    yes enough space.
    we are just doing it again on rhel 6 not 7.
    So we run Launchpad – select install nd and then it asks for the location of the install files. I’ve seen it before and fixed it – but I cant remember how we did it.

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