How to order from Google Play store from a non U.S country – without paying taxes

In this article i will teach you how to order from the U.S Google Play store from a non U.S country. as you know, or have already tried, only U.S citizens can order from the Google Play store, if you’re outside the U.S you will need to take some steps in order to purchase from the Play store.

i will also show you how to (in most cases) avoid customs fees using a company called shipito in which you can fill your own customs deceleration form.

          Things you will need:

  • Open an account at Go to “Your Shipito and Home Address” and check the addresses you can use. better to use Oregon address, in Oregon there are no sales tax, you can save up to 9%.

Update 26.03.14:

New customers will not get an Oregon address unless they pay for “Virtual Mailbox” plan. you can ship your package to the address supplied by Shipito.Your Shipito and Home Address screenshot


  1. Go to Google Wallet and open an account. in “Billing Address” put the address you received from and in “Shipping Address” put the same address (i.e. Tualatin OR, Suite # etc.)
  2. Call your credit card company and ask them to add a secondary address. give them the address you received from (i.e. Tualatin OR, Suite # etc.)
  3. Give the credit card company a few days to update your request or call them and verify it was actually updated. dont make a purchase before you validate the address was actually updated, your order might get cancelled if Google will validate your billing address with the credit card company and the credit card company will reply that this address is not correct
  4. Open TunnelBear and choose “United States”, this will assign you a U.S IP address
  5. Go to Google Play and make a purchase
  6. After a while your package will be sent to the shipito address you provided earlier (i.e. Tualatin OR, Suite # etc.)
  7. You will receive an email from shipito saying that the package has arrived and now you need to choose a shipping method, fill the customs deceleration and pay
  8.  Choose a shipping method that best suite you. be aware that certain shipping options are not relevant because cell phones, tablets and such contain a battery and not all carriers allow to ship batteries. one more thing, don’t use services like Fedex, UPS etc., you will pay customs fee for sure. try to use services like USPS Priority or the most cheap delivery method
  9. Fill the customs deceleration. now, this is the best part about shipito, you get to fill the customs deceleration by yourself, so you can actually write any purchase value and type of goods you want. be aware that if the customs will open up your package and see that the goods inside the package does not match the customs deceleration you may end up paying a fine. for example, when ordering a Nexus device, you can declare that this is a “GPS device” with a value of 65$
  10. After a while your package will be sent to you. now you just need to wait for it to arrive to your nearest post office without being caught in your country’s customs



i can’t guarantee your package wont be caught in customs, do it at your own risk.

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2 comments on “How to order from Google Play store from a non U.S country – without paying taxes
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great article! Thanks 🙂

  2. Do not use this service!
    1. HUGELY expensive, as in $30-75 per shipment. They advertised carriers ARE NOT OFFERED, only Fedex and only expedited.
    2. They took 3 weeks to consolidate and ship my packages. During this time I had to keep contacting them asking “Whats the hold up” as they are not pro-active in their services and require constant hand-holding.
    3. They have now lost two packages which they checked in, but cannot find. I now have to wait 30 MORE days (in addition to the previous 30) for their “if we dont find it we will reimburse it) policy to kick in.

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